Call for Papers

The editorial board of Journal of Student Engagement in Higher/Tertiary Education (JSEHE) invites submissions for the forthcoming volume.

The JSEHE is a peer-reviewed publication designed to promote and enhance research and practice in the college student affairs profession and to deliver new knowledge and best practices to tertiary, higher education/college student personnel and practitioners in the areas of student engagement, student services, student development, international education, and student affairs. 

To be considered for the Summer 2014 issue, submit manuscripts immediately. The JSEHE Editorial Board seeks to publish all works in a timely manner. While deadlines are set for each issue, space considerations and editorial decisions may delay the publication of a manuscript.

The JSEHE Editorial Board welcomes submissions in the following areas:

In Focus

Authors may submit original, replicated, and creative quantitative or qualitative research that may be generalizable to college students or university/college practice.  Manuscripts should not exceed 4,500 words, which includes references and charts.

Around the Campus

Authors may submit manuscripts about specific innovative campus programs, activities, techniques, collaborative projects, and outreach efforts that may have applicability to student engagement in higher/tertiary education. Manuscripts should not exceed 1,500 words, which includes any references or charts.

Featured Theses

Authors may submit successful masters and doctoral level theses on topics related to student engagement in higher/tertiary education.  Manuscripts should not exceed 3,000 words, which includes any references or charts.

A Global Voice

A Global Voice are editorials submitted by faculty (Spring) and practitioners (Fall) related to international education and its emphasis on student engagement in higher/tertiary education throughout the world.  Manuscripts should not exceed 2,000 words.

Book Reviews

Authors may submit a review of selected books that pertain to work or research in student affairs, international education, student services, higher/tertiary education administration, or student engagement.  Authors should first consult with the editors about specific books prior to the review.  Book reviews should not exceed 1,500 words.


, M.Ed. Doctoral Intern, University of Louisville


Email submissions to:

Laura E. Ulmer
JSEHE Editorial Board

University of Louisville
Louisville, KY 40292

Questions may be directed to:

Phone: 502-852-5787

Materials will not be returned unless special arrangements are made in advance.